Farm Day

Our local Children’s Museum had an awesome fundraiser at a local farm yesterday. I was hesitant to go because I just wasn’t feeling like braving any big crowds. Upon arrival I was worried – long line for the shuttle, lots of cars, kids everywhere, dark clouds in the sky. But we went for it. And I’m so glad we did.  There was so much to do and it was all so nicely spaced out around the farm. This farm is a dairy farm and they make their own ice cream. It was all you can eat ice cream and it was SOOOOOO good. It was especially good since this was probably the first (and second) bowl of ice cream I’ve had since going back on dairy. M was so excited that they had a dunk tank. She’d seen one in one of her Curious George books but didn’t really know what it was. We showed her a video on youtube, but there’s nothing like seeing something like that in person. She also got to ride a pony – a first for her! They had a fun bluegrass band and she loved dancing.  Because this was a pretty big local event, we ran into lots of people we knew. It was a very fun day and we’ll plan to go again next year!

8-31-13 Farm Day Dance

8-31-13 Farm Day Sheep 8-31-13 Farm Day Tractor

8-31-13 M Lutz Farm Day Pony

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