Finally a Laugh!


I know I say this about every day, but I just cannot believe how fast my baby is growing up. Since I probably won’t have another baby, every little stage that ends or begins seems to be more of a big deal. She’s sleeping through the night every night now (and has been for a little while) and it’s heaven. Now that M is feeling better and back to sleeping through the night life feels a little more settled. S finally laughed last night! I can’t believe it took her almost 6 months to laugh. M made it happen with us pushing her to keep talking to S and making funny noises. I hope that by 6 months old S will be laughing on her own all the time! Baby giggles are one of the absolute most beautiful sounds in the world. She started eating real food and has had bananas, apples and pears so far. She really digs the bananas! Next we’ll move to veggies – squash, sweet potatoes and carrots. I know it’s a gross milestone but she had her first different poop yesterday from the real food she’s eating. She seems to be getting two teeth on the bottom in the front, but they are taking forever to be visible (I think I feel them). And she’s almost sitting up! Slow it down – you’re growing up too fast little Miss S!


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