Bike Helmet

6-16-13 M Bike HelmetWe were getting ready to get her trike out a few days ago and M said, I don’t have my hat on. She probably meant her sun hat, but it reminded me that she should probably be getting used to wearing a helmet. Luckily I had a hand me down one up in her closet. We got it all fitted to her head.  Can’t believe how fast my big girl is growing up.

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1 Response to Bike Helmet

  1. 3shadesblack says:

    Awesome! Bike rides are amazing.

    I just want to say that helmets are designed that if they take even one reasonable knock, they should be replaced, as they work by compression. I don’t think you can even legally sell 2nd hand helmets here. Maybe you know this! But many people don’t, and it’s your beautiful daughters head, so it’s worth extra knowing? maybe?

    Anyway: Bikes! So fun.


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