12 :: June

I could call every post “my girls” and it would never get old (for me). Here are some more recent photos. M continues to bop right along with her life and every once in a while remember that she has a sister and say “Myyyy Siiiiissssttteerr.” S watches her constantly, but don’t point that out because M will say she doesn’t want her to watch her. Since my parents have arrived I’ve not had to put both girls to bed at once. I have someone to hold and amuse S while I put M to sleep. The other night I had them both by myself and it went just fine even though I had to nurse S through M’s bedtime routine. While getting them both in their jammies I realized that sometimes it’s nice to have to deal with both of them at once so that they will get some more interaction with each other as well. I snapped this cute photo of them post-bath pre-jammies.

6-7-13 Sisters

And the photo below is M and S just after M was rocking S to get her to stop crying as we were getting ready to go somewhere.

6-8-13 M and S

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