4 Months

S is four months old! It’s going too fast! She’s slept through the night the last 3 nights in a row (9:30pm or so until 5:30am or so). Of course each night I’ve woken up at 3, 4, etc, or the big one has woken up screaming that she needs to be covered up. On R’s birthday (5/22) S rolled from her front to her back several times in a row. Her personality remains pretty relaxed. She has her share of upsets (all the way home from dinner in the car last night), but overall she’s pretty mild mannered).

5-25-13 S 4 months

Weight: 12 lbs, 3 oz (25%)
Height: 24 1/2 inches

I had a hard time with the 4 month photoshoot. She just wants to get everything in her mouth, but isn’t quite coordinated enough to do so. She still brings her mouth to the object instead of the object to her mouth, so she’s slumped over a lot. Here’s one of the outtakes.


I just looked up M’s four month stats. Turns out S is smaller than M was at this age.

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1 Response to 4 Months

  1. colleen says:

    I’m surprised how different Simone and Margeaux look. I would have said they seem like twins until looking at M’s 4 month photos. So darling, both of them!

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