Potty Training

Two weeks ago M’s teacher and I decided it was time for her to start wearing underwear to school.  She had been been wearing underwear on the weekends and evenings for a few weeks now and had been pretty successful, so we took the plunge (thinking I had 3 more weeks before throwing a new baby in the mix).  Monday through Wednesday she held her pee all morning and then flooded her diaper at nap time, but no accidents in her underwear. Thursday I think she finally went pee on the potty once after a few accidents.  I discussed with her teacher about maybe putting her in underwear at nap time to see what happened and I was thinking about doing that over the weekend. Of course, I went into labor on Thursday night, had S on Friday and wasn’t home all weekend. M was home with Grandpa Ron and by Monday afternoon she was going in the potty at school like a champ.  This past week (her second week in underwear at school and our first week with Simone) she even had a dry diaper after nap for a few days toward the end of the week.  We kept her home from school yesterday for a little photoshoot with S and tried her in underwear at nap time and she woke up dry!  We’ll try again this weekend and see how it goes, but she’s also really starting to tell us when she has to pee and poop, even going in to the bathroom by herself.  This morning she even woke up with an *almost* dry diaper.  I know that’s another hurdle for another day, but it’s still exciting!  So proud of my big girl.

I finally got S down to sleep about 6:30am, just in time for M to wake up. R is snoozing with S and I’ve been enjoying some nice alone time with my big girl eating banana bread on the couch. Life is good. (PS – We made banana bread and roasted almonds last night – I can’t imagine having done that when M was one week old!)

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  1. Leanne - The Mommy Radar says:

    A new baby and Miss M is rockin’ the potty training. Lots of exciting changes around your house. Any chance you could send some of that banana bread to a stranger / fellow blogger in cyberspace? I am officially craving some!

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