Pinterest Wins

I scan through Pinterest every couple of days.  It’s like a good magazine.  I look further in to things where the photos capture my attention and I overlook most of the fashion and makeup stuff.  Lots of people pin all day and I wonder how much of it they really try or ever look at again. I’m as guilty as anyone. (Although I did make this happen!)  A few weeks ago, I decided I would finally look back at the recipes I’d pinned and use them for some inspiration in my meal planning.  I made linguine with slow cooked zucchini, basil and cream. This was a huge hit and also pretty easy for a weeknight.  You need time to slice all the zucchini and half an hour to cook the zucchini, but all in all a pretty easy meal that makes lots of leftovers.  I also tried these Bird’s Nest Breakfast Cups and they were great. They were easy, yummy and seem easy to customize.  They’ve already made it off my virtual board and on to a 3 x 5 card for my recipe box. I’m so old school. I’ve pinned some crafty type things for Christmas presents this year, as I try to scale it back financially in preparation for baby #2.  I should probably start looking at those soon to see how realistic they are. Oh, and who wants to volunteer to make me this??

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