This girl loves her some monkey stuffed animals.  The one in the first picture was long a favorite of M’s. She would need to have him at nap and bedtimes, and he went everywhere with us. She liked to bite his face, so we had to wash him frequently.  Now she’s pretty ambivalent about him in general, but still really loves monkeys.  The second photo below is of her most recent monkey. He was hanging from our front door one morning and we’ve still yet to figure out where he came from! We need to start coming up with better names for them.  By the time she got this one, New Monkey and Blue Monkey were already taken.  So, this one is Door Monkey or something to that effect.  They need names so I know which ones she’s talking about when she’s screaming from her room at 11pm that she NEEDS her monkey.  Which one?!

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1 Response to Monkeys!

  1. colleen says:

    still no idea where it came from?

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