Happy Second Birthday Miss M!

I won’t have her two year old stats for about 10 days, but here are some photos from Miss M’s birthday party this past weekend. She had a great time blowing bubbles on the deck while the rest of us chatted. She ate the heck out of a cupcake and enjoyed putting empty bottles in the recycling bin.  What can I say – we’re classy!

We haven’t counted her words in ages because she’s talking up a storm, repeating everything and loves singing to herself. She’s very particular and always wants to be the one to do everything herself – flush the toilet (no we haven’t started potty training), close the door, put on the dog’s collar, feed the dog, turn on the light, read the book, pet the cat, let the dog out, put the dog in her kennel and on and on.  She loves reading her books, although they all have the same story (Llama Llama, Red Pajama or Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes).  She sings Brother John, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Om Shanti, ABCs.  She’s really starting to identify numerals and letters.  She counts to ten and loves counting things. She gets up super early (usually by 5:30am) and is having some trouble getting to sleep these days (sometimes it’s not until between 8:30-9pm). What else? She loves playing with bubbles, coloring, going for walks, playing on the slide or swing, pulling weeds in the garden, swiffering the floor – she’s quite the little helper!  She usually wakes up crying instead of cooing or talking, she’s still afraid of motorcycle sounds and she has the most awesome laugh!  She’s such a great kid!  Happy Birthday Miss M!

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3 Responses to Happy Second Birthday Miss M!

  1. ACH says:

    Happy birthday, Miss M! I can’t believe that little peanut is TWO. I had the best time celebrating with you guys last weekend! xxx

  2. Miranda says:

    Oh! Happy Birthday little one. Much love to you all. xox

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