Nourishing My Whole Self

“This isn’t a challenge, but rather a practice. Closely tied to yogic principles, for me this is about setting an intention and being the ever present observer (and nurturer) of self. Day to day, moment to moment.”
Heather from Nourish the Whole Self

The three month Whole Food Kitchen program officially wrapped a few weeks ago, but my plan is to continue to try the new recipes until I’ve completed them all, hopefully by the end of this year.  Thankfully a friend talked me in to trying out Heather’s 30-day Vegan workshop, which started yesterday.  I just love her quote above, how beautiful.  I intend to be vegan for the full month for as many meals as I can produce or purchase, but don’t expect my friends and gracious hostesses to cook around my eating.  So, I doubt it will be an all in month of vegan eating.  We’ll see.

So far I’ve made Family Friend Pad Thai (pictured), Curried Chickpeas, Orange Creamsicle Smoothies and Avocado and White Bean Wraps.
Oh, and I’m working on nourishing this little one too:

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