Not Just Cooking

When you’re cooking, you’re not just cooking, you’re not just working on food . . . you’re also working on yourself, you’re working on other people.
~ Edward Espe Brown

In my Whole Food Kitchen workshop she talks a lot about the struggles of getting kids to eat these foods when they are used to others.  I’m glad that I am doing things like this now, so that M will grow up with food like this.  Just like yoga training, I am starting to get worried about Whole Food Kitchen ending.  I want to continue to embrace these lifestyle changes, but will I be able to do so without being guided weekly and monthly?  And don’t be fooled, I might be making changes in our lifestyle, but this photo above is M eating her favorite breakfast, a frozen (whole grain) pancake.

Spend as much time enjoying the meal as it took to prepare it.
~ Michael Pollan, Food Rules

M continues to develop her vocabulary.  Just in the last week or two she has begun stringing multiple words together.  She’s saying something that kind of sounds like, and means, I love you.  She says “sorry mommy,” “bye-bye daddy,” “Izzie outside,” and much more!  This week her new words include blueberries, strawberries, bananas, crib and more.  It seems these days you tell her a word once, she repeats it once and then she’s got it!  It’s really amazing how quick she’s learning.  It’s really terrifying how quick she’s learning.  It puts a lot of pressure on us as parents to teach her the right thing the first time around.  For instance, this morning she started playing a cute game of hide and seek with my closet doors, saying bye bye mommy every time she shut them.  But I remember that some of the things she does now that we don’t dig are things we thought were cute and allowed her to do when she was smaller and less rough and destructive.

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