When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to live close enough to some of my cousins that we were able to see them for dinner any weekend night we’d like.  Another group of cousins lived a mere half day car ride away and I loved going to spend time with them, especially on longer visits during the summer.  I loved the hustle and bustle of their house of multiple children with people always coming and going.  I also grew up with cousins in two New England locations and we managed to see each of them every other year or so, with us taking trips up there way, or them heading down our way.

As an adult, I am thankful to live less than 4 hours away from my cousins in New Hampshire and their home has become a lovely place to go when we need to disconnect and unwind.  I continue to grow closer to my cousin in New York, and look forward to going to her wedding this year!  And two of my cousins have lived in Boston, with one of them recently heading back south.  Luckily, my only female cousin on that side remains in Boston and within quick driving distance!

Since I have no siblings, M probably won’t ever have as many cousins as I do.  She has two female cousins and we spent such great quality time with them over the break.  She loved every minute of it, did a great job sharing, and even gave out kisses and hugs.  And her cousins did such a great job keeping her entertained and safe (in houses with stairs, etc.).  I’m thankful everyone was so happy together and we sure do wish we all lived closer so the girls could see each other more often.

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