Holiday Card Re-Use

Every year when I take down the Christmas decorations I am always so sad to throw away (recycle) the holiday cards.  This is especially true when we go away for the holiday and don’t get to spend as much time looking at them.  My aunt has been known to take old holiday cards, tear off the top part with the picture and use them as postcards to invite people to their annual January Full Moon Party/Bonfire.  This year, I decided to take her idea, and use the holiday cards as thank you postcards.  I hope everyone likes them!

Thank you to all of our friends and family for their many generous gifts.  We enjoyed catching up with everyone in Florida, and are happy to be back home, cuddled up in the cold.

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1 Response to Holiday Card Re-Use

  1. AmyAmy says:

    LOVE this idea! Totally stealing.

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