Even More Words

Miss M is speaking more and more everyday.  She says wa-wa for water, up, book, woof and even more.  She has a particular book with some animal sounds and she’ll get it out and point to the dog and say “woof.”  She also did this the other day when our neighbor asked her what the dog says.  At daycare they say “not nice” when one of the kids does something they shouldn’t be doing, like throwing food over the side of their highchair, so now Miss M says it too.  She still does the things that aren’t nice, but just says “not nice” after she does them.  And her little voice has such a little attitude when she says it.  I have to get that on video!  A few days ago I scolded the dog for something and M walked over to the dog and said “not nice” right to her face.  She also said it to one of the other kids at daycare when they upzipped and took her coat off on the playground.  Everyone at daycare got a real kick out of that.  So fun that she’s saying words, and even cooler that she’s using them in context!  Of course she says, uh-oh and on-no.  She points to herself in the mirror and on the video and says “baby.”  She also has started saying Bella when pointing to her cousin in her custom board book!  Check out the video.  (Big shout out to Grandma Jane who just sent Miss M a bunch of super stylish fall outfits!)

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2 Responses to Even More Words

  1. colleen says:

    SO CUTE! Nolan loves this video!

  2. Amy says:

    Um, is she wearing a tutu? I LOVE IT!!

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