Stomach Sleeping

Well, since M has been able to roll back to front she has woken up multiple times per night, except one night!  She’s ending up on her tummy a lot and doesn’t really know what to do.  We’re also thinking some more new teeth might be to blame as well.  Whatever it is, she’s tired most mornings from waking up, and so are we!  The other day she slept later than I did and I was able to snap this cute picture of her new stomach sleeping position.

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3 Responses to Stomach Sleeping

  1. Jen says:

    Poster Child for Yoga! That should totally be the pic on the next flyer at the yoga studio.

  2. Mom says:

    Does she have a finger or thumb in her mouth?

  3. colleen says:

    Ah, that is Nolan’s sleeping position. It is so cute! N tucks his arms under his tummy but the butt is up in the air. I hope she sleeps better for you now

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