Weekend Sickness and Canceled Plans

The beginning of last week rocked.  After Tuesday (my birthday!) it was all downhill.  I started feeling iffy on Tuesday night/Wednesday with a sore throat.  On Wednesday, Miss M had a pretty bad cough so R took her to the doctor, and I canceled plans to hang with Nolan and his mom.  By Thursday, I was starting to feel weird and nauseous and canceled plans to meet baby Finley.  Friday, I still felt off, so I decided to stay home and rest.  Resting is not so easy when you have an 8 month old in the house.  R did his best to make sure I got to nap, but he was starting to feel bad too.  Friday night I had plans to go to yoga and out for a drink with a bunch of friends from maternity leave, and I had to cancel that.  By Friday night, it was clear I was not going to be well enough on Saturday to get the house together for a playdate I was hosting with the same group of Moms on Sunday, so I canceled that.  On Saturday, I was still feeling off but had to suck it up to take care of M, since Ryan had to work (after we missed music class).  On Sunday, I felt better by the afternoon and managed to go out to get groceries and was excited to have somewhat of an appetite again.  The whole long weekend was a bad flashback to the first trimester of pregnancy and left me wondering if we weren’t about to start this whole adventure all over again!  So, last week was a bummer (after my birthday), with plans canceled from Wednesday – Sunday.  I hope this week is better!

This is pretty much how we spent our weekend.

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4 Responses to Weekend Sickness and Canceled Plans

  1. colleen says:

    oh my gosh, that photo of you and her is adorable! So sweet! I hope you feel better sooner!

  2. Jen says:

    Although it stinks being sick, that pic doesn’t look so terrible. You two look so cute! Little snuggle bunnies.

  3. Casey says:

    Hmm. Nausea and fatigue? Don’t tease. If this really is baby #2, I will be psyched. Seriously, you must call or email.

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