Big Girl Chair

M is sitting in her new big girl chair.  She’s still not really digging the solid food, and is eating a half a jar or less at each meal.  We’re hoping that’s because she’s been sick.  We’ll just keep on tryin’.  Girl is not starving, that’s for sure!  Lately she’ll sometimes cry when I hand her to someone else, even someone she knows.  But her new thing as of yesterday is reaching out to come back to me.  I guess I should be flattered.  I keep telling her, you’re fine, shake it off :)  Luckily, she doesn’t really keep up the crying, you just have to distract her quickly with something else.  Her hair is super soft and sticking straight up these days.  Can’t believe how fast she’s growning.  We’re starting to think about a convertable car seat – the bucket is getting so heavy!

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  1. nancy says:

    enjoying the updates on your little one…what a treat to see her progress. Your Mom and I enjoy exchanging Grandma stories. She really took to her new role.

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