Feeling Overwhelmed, But Thankful

This has been a long week.  My parents were here visiting and I thought that meant the week would be jolly and fly right by.  It seems like 3 weeks ago that they arrived, like they’ve always been here and always will.  It’s not because having them visit is stressful or in any way not fun, it’s just that this has been a tougher week than normal.  I hesitate to complain, because it’s really not that bad. And it could be so much worse, I know that!  We started out their visit with my sickness – strep throat that became a full blown head cold.  Then I gave it to M, who is having trouble sleeping and isn’t really eating all that well either.  She’s been having trouble getting to sleep where usually she has next to no trouble.  She’s been waking up around midnight or so, for an hour or so, crying and upset.  She’s had a fever, and double ear infections and has been on antibiotics.  R had an absolutely crazy week this week, with the chance to take over a week of professorship from his teacher, in addition to his normal private teaching, and public school teaching, as well having a gig last weekend and this weekend (with rehearsals all week).  We haven’t hardly seen him this week except when we’re all up at 2am.  Maybe that’s it, maybe she just misses her daddy.  Whatever it is, I hope it is over soon, we’re all tired, especially Miss M.  Thank goodness my parents have been here this week, to help rock a crying baby, to grill out or order in dinner every night, to do the dishes while I take an hour to get M to bed.  I am not sure I would’ve made it through this week without them.  And thank goodness, we can look forward to M’s other Grandma visiting next week!

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1 Response to Feeling Overwhelmed, But Thankful

  1. Amy says:

    Things happen for a reason–it sounds like your parents’ visit was perfectly timed. :) I hope you and Margeaux feel better soon!

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