Swear Jar

It’s gotten bad around here.  I fear my child’s first word will be four-lettered.  So we’ve drafted a list of off-limits words and posted them on the fridge.  What? She can’t read yet!  It’s $1 per bad word, and it’s a competition, so we each have a jar.  We aren’t messing around here. (PS – You can still curse in front of my kid, you’ll just be that Aunt, or Uncle who says the bad words).

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2 Responses to Swear Jar

  1. Jen says:

    So what is the tally so far? who is winning the battle and who’s wallet is empty? lol Great idea. I will work to not be that person who says bad words. lol

  2. colleen says:

    Does the money go to Margeaux’s college fund? Or to a night out? (I totally will be ‘that’ Aunt. hopefully I will have some glowing attributes also).

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