M Visits the Newsroom

While we are in Florida, we took M to visit my dad’s office.  It was SO fun to see him as the doting Grandfather and to have all his co-workers come over to oooooh and aaaah over her.  I expected that he’d be into her, but it made me melt to see how very much he loves her (this goes for all 4 of her grandparents!).

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3 Responses to M Visits the Newsroom

  1. andrea says:

    It is super cute to see grandfathers with their grandkids. Dads and grandpas are such big guys, they definitely fall the hardest. With one gone and the other not caring, I wish AJ and Ryan had a grandpa. Though I loved seeing them with your dad while you were down, I take pseudo grandpa love where ever I can get it! :)

  2. Jen says:

    So sweet!!

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