2 Months Old

2 months old, 22" long and 10lbs, 13oz

Starting tonight, we’re adding formula to the mix (Enfamil).  We’ll phase in one formula bottle per day, every 3 days or so until she’s almost all formula fed.  This way the transition will be done before I go back to work and before she starts daycare.  At the doctor’s suggestion, we’ll keep one bottle of breastmilk per day.  We’ll start the first formula bottle tonight before bed, in hopes she’ll sleep a little longer.  We’ll keep the one breastmilk bottle per day as the first bottle per day.  This week I will continue pumping 3 times per day.  Starting next week I will pump only 2 times per day and see how that goes.  The doctor tells us that January – March are the worst months for illness, and keeping giving her a little breastmilk per day may help her immunities.  So, I’ll see how manageable it is to pump twice a day and see how long I can keep that up.  Once we have her on mostly formula, we can do the math to see how much longer I’d have to pump to get her one bottle of breastmilk per day (counting the freezer stash we have). 

We’re looking forward to company this weekend and next weekend!

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