Almost 7 Weeks

Miss Margeaux is almost 7 weeks old!  Not sure if I am just having a good day, or if things are starting to settle down.  Or maybe I am just getting used to the chaos!  My boobs finally feel like they are chilling out.  I am now able to go about 4.5 hours in between pumpings.  Ryan’s unofficially “back to work” as his gigs and teaching is picking back up after the summer off.  Margeaux and I are having more and more “girl time” and we’re doing pretty well.  She’s doing a better job at settling herself down and being other places besides our arms.  Although most times, she just wants to be held.  She’s sleeping in her crib at night.  This is helping me sleep as well – now I can’t hear her talking to herself in there.  I can hear her when she really starts to fuss, and I get up then to feed her.  Now that I’ve cut back on pumping, I am able to sleep through one of the late evening feedings (if I can get myself into bed by 8pm) and Ryan can sleep through one of the night feedings (both depending on how the timing works out).  She’s gone up to 4.5 hours between feedings at night (but was only sleeping for 3 of those hours). I’d like to try to get her into bed earlier than 11pm, and establish a kind of “bedtime” instead of just putting her down when we can get her to sleep. I am sure she’ll have none of that.  It just feels a little more sane around here.  She can sit in her swing or lay on her activity mat (most times) and just look around.  I am not as afraid to make plans, and have plans to attend a mothers’ group, baby and mom yoga, and today we took Izzie to a dog festival and K9 Kerplunk Doggie Dunk.

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1 Response to Almost 7 Weeks

  1. Miranda says:

    Jenn! You look great, and what a beautiful smile your daughter has!

    I’m enjoying keeping up with your family through the blog. Hope to come visit sometime, eventually!



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