Breast Woes

I am continuing to pump and bottle feed breastmilk.  The pumping is getting so old.  I hate being tied to this machine. My breasts are constantly filled with clogged ducts and engorged (pump is not as efficient as a baby at emptying breast).  It’s a good thing you can’t quit cold turkey because I think I might have.  I hate to complain about a good milk supply, but it’s very painful.  Usually I pump between 6-9 ounces per pumping session (with 8 sessions a day that’s 48-72 ounces per day!).   I tried for 2 nights to drop one of the night pumpings, but it was just too painful.  Now I am working on eliminating one per day by spacing out the pumpings every 4 hours instead of every 3 hours when the baby eats.  It’s causing engorgement and clogged ducts that I can’t seem to get out completely.  I’ve pretty much given up on completely eliminating the clogged ducts.  They’re painful, but I think I am getting used to them.  It seems to be worse at night when I am laying down and the milk seems to pool up in there.  I know this is gross to write about, but I want to remember this.  I really hope my body gets the message to slow down on the milk production SOON.  Again, I HATE to complain about an over abundant milk supply when so many women are dealing with diminishing milk supplies before they are ready to stop breast feeding.  I guess if it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  I have a ton of milk frozen, so at least if my supply slows way down, I will have the frozen stuff to feed her.  Ideally I’d like to get down to 4 pumpings a day  and maybe that would be enough to feed her for the day (right now she eats about 32 ounces a day (3.5 ounces per feeding x 8 feedings per day).  I guess that wouldn’t really work out, since I would have to pump 8 ounces per session at 4 sessions, and that seems like a lot.  Sorry to just be rambling about my math here . . . anyhow, we all know what’s happened to my best laid plans with this birth and baby . . . :)

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1 Response to Breast Woes

  1. andrea says:

    dropping the one pumping a day was a good call if you want to lower production, even better call switching it to the day time, i always seemed to produce more at night, most women generally do. also don’t completely drain each breast with each pump. I know it sounds painful and you want it all out but the more you pump the more you will produce. if you are drained each time whether pumping or feeding your body is going to make up for it but if you only pump part of the milk your body will adjust and lower it’s production. use up your frozen stock and keep it rotated, also eventually store some in small 1 or 2 ounce bags to mix with cereal in the future. hope i’m not sounding all ‘i know best’ i’m just sharing my experiences. hope to talk to you soon

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