Feeding Update

We did about 24 hours of breastfeeding only, but she was pretty angry during that 24 hours.  We think she’s just not working hard enough to get enough.  We think this is because of a tongue tie – not sure if I mentioned this before.  We have an appt in about 2 weeks to have the frenotomy (?) and hope that will help make her a more efficient breast feeder.  Until then, we continue to put her to breast with the shield before most feedings (slacking in the middle of the night), top her off with an ounce of two of pumped milk fed via syringe and tube, and pump for 15 minutes at almost every feeding.  It’s exhausting, but it’s getting her what she needs, and she seems to be getting bigger – we think so anyway!  She has another appt with the baby massage therapist/chiropractor tomorrow to see how her jaw is doing in terms of alignment.  She had some jaw popping which went away after our treatment last week, but is now back.  We’re hoping that issue isn’t causing her any pain and that it’s not really an issue at all.  Two of her feedings today went splendidly with no fighting me, and just relaxing at the breast.  Right now, she’s not eating super often (3+ hours), but is eating a lot at each feeding.  Now if only we could get her to go right back to sleep after the nightime feedings, we could get a little more rest. 

Thanks to all of our great friends, we have had an abundance of really wonderful food!  We actually went on a walk around the block this evening.  The weather has been just beautiful!  We enjoyed visits from all three of my Gainesville cousins this week!  And now we’re all ready for Grandma and Grandpa’s visit on Tuesday!

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  1. michelle says:

    Riley is tongue tied too! Didn’t really effect her feeding but we are going to have to get her snipped next year! lol! And I used that shield too! They work great! Can’t wait to visit! :)

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