Sunny Side Up?

At my 39.5 week appt last week, they told me they think the baby is “sunny side up” or in the occiput posterior position, or “facing up.”  Here’s a visual.  She could still rotate, and I am not sure they are even 100% that’s the position she’s in, but who knows.  I’m trying not to worry about it, as it means longer, more painful labor (read: more likely I’ll want an epidural), possible use of forceps, more chance of an episiotomy and they mentioned a higher rate of ending in a C-section than a baby who is not facing up.  Ugh – all of those things are things I want to avoid.  The weather is hot, hot, hot and I’ve been working from home for a week now.  I really didn’t want to be working at home for longer than a week, and after the false labor a week ago, I was sure she’d be here by now.  Well, she’ll come when she’s ready.

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1 Response to Sunny Side Up?

  1. Allie Broadway says:

    I did a flip in the pool to get Scotty to turn around. Now that I know what we’re dealing with with his CF, I couldn’t imagine not doing what I did-also did lunges/squats and some other exercises! But you are right, she’ll come when she’s ready and could always still turn on her own. Hang in there!!

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