29 Weeks

29 weeks - Baby Ford works late

I’m really starting to think a lot more about labor.  I’ve switched from thinking about the here and now, and forward on (past the birth) to what life will be like once she’s here, to just focusing on how I (we) will get her here and what those first moments with her will be like.  I ordered a book that I am to excited to receive and to start reading.  I first read about the book here and when I mention it to people, they bring up the documentary by the same people called The Business of Being Born.  Sounds like I should get my hands on a copy of that as well.

With less than 11 weeks left (give or take), I am also really enjoying all the movement.  Some nights it looks like my tummy is doing the wave.  I wonder what it feels like to not have that anymore.  I guess you’re so focused on the new child in your arms, you forget that you don’t have a Mexican Jumping Bean in your tummy anymore.

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1 Response to 29 Weeks

  1. colleen says:

    The first few days post birth are strange because you’ve come to love, rub, talk to and snuggle with your belly. It becomes instinct to put your hands there, when you realize the baby isn’t in there it’s strange and sad. I missed my baby-belly for the first week or so. Even though I LOVED having Nolan on the outside, that big beautiful belly was missed.

    You look beautiful!

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