16 Weeks

Today, I am 16 weeks pregnant (that’s 4 months – holy crap).

All was good with our checkup today.  The heart rate was 150 bpm.  They said predicting the baby’s gender based on heart rate is bull, but my mom swears that’s how they used to do it when I was born.  If my mom’s method was correct, that would mean we were having a girl.

We are scheduled for our 20 week appointment on March 12th and will take a peek then to see if we can see the gender via ultrasound.  We plan to have the ultrasound tech write the gender down on a card, and seal it up.  We’ll open it on my 30th birthday-eve dinner with my parents and aunt & uncle in Jacksonville on March 21st. (We’ll be there for Sharon & Sarmad’s wedding and my family is driving up to take us out to dinner for my birthday – and my dad’s, which is the same day).

I am still not putting on much, if any, weight, but they didn’t seem concerned – especially since I lost weight in the beginning because of being ill. However, I am wearing my first pair of maternity pants today!  My old jeans have been too tight since Christmas.  I’m still wearing my regular black work pants, but I miss wearing jeans!  I was able to order some Tall jeans from Old Navy and Gap online, and was surprised that I actually liked several pairs.  I plan to keep them around even after being pregnant, to wear to functions where I plan to eat a lot, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners.

Big weekend of celebrating this weekend – 14 years together and 2 years of marriage.

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2 Responses to 16 Weeks

  1. andrea says:

    so exciting! have the tech print the picture with the gender marked, that way you have the pic of it too. that was my plan but then we peeked :)

    you’d be surprised how often the heartbeat gender prediction is correct but still not enough to put money on it.

    congrats on the maternity pants, sometimes a good pair is hard to find, either way, by the end you will want to burn them!

    have fun this weekend, hope to see you soon, Happy Anniversary!

  2. andrea says:

    oh and i find it funny that while i was having a baby you two were making a baby :)

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