I let 8 years later slip away

It’s already September 14th. September 11th came and went this year. Last Friday felt like a hard day, I had some personal things causing me anxiety, the day was rainy and it was THAT day, 8 years later and the sadness in the air added to my down mood. I teared up listening to my normal morning news cast. They mentioned how many people have died since then, first responders, cleanup crew, the people who were exposed to so much sadness and destruction. I drove by my local fire station and went over the bridge into Hartford and all the flags were at half-staff. Since Izzie was feeling sick and I was focusing on her, I didn’t watch the news in the morning before work. I didn’t look online at the list of the victims, like I normally do. I didn’t read about who they were, what they left behind. I didn’t even watch NBC nightly news, like I usually do on important historical days. I guess that’s it. It’s become an historic day in national and, hopefully, world history. It doesn’t feel as close anymore. We have a new President. We aren’t as afraid. But I don’t want to forget. I don’t want it to go by like it did on Friday. It changed everything, everyone. Next year I’ll have to make more of a conscious effort to remember, and never forget.

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2 Responses to I let 8 years later slip away

  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks for putting this into words. I let the day go by with barely a thought. I did reminisce about “where I was” when I heard, but that was it – and it wasn’t enough. It’s probably the way those who were around for Pearl Harbor feel – how could so many people die and the world change so much and the cause be so quickly forgotten.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for that post. I too felt the same way, that next year I don’t want to be so distracted. My students now were in 3rd grade when it happened and feel almost no connection. It’s hard to imagine that eventually I’ll have students who weren’t born yet and treat it just like any “historical” event, as something that simply has no bearing on them. If only I could get them to truly feel it. Thanks again, Amy

    PS-I hope Izzie is feeling better!

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