Go Red Sox

Hard to believe that this was our second weekend back from vacation, it feels like we’ve been back for months.  We tried something new this week.  Instead of me having to control the house cleaning to be sure everything is just right, we did it together.  On Friday night, we buckled down and spent a few hours each cleaning.  It went really well, and felt very rewarding to have done it together. And it took half the time it normally takes me! As it turns out, Ryan is a better cleaner than I am, that’s why it takes him so long.  He is a meticulous vacuumer and he even did all of the laundry.

The rest of the weekend was great.  We went to Boston for an impromptu lunch with Cousin Amy and a Red Sox vs. Yankees game with Ryan and Jen (thanks R & J!).

We went blackberry picking and to a going away get together for our friends Jon and Lisa.  It was a great weekend!

Go Red Sox!

Go Red Sox!

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  1. andrea says:

    sometimes guys are pretty good at all that domestic stuff too :) my problem is that people do things differently then me but i’m realizing that it doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong way, i must let go sometimes and just accept help. i’m still learning though ;)
    you have been on a crazy blogging spree, i can’t barely keep up! but i love finding new stuff when i check your page.
    oh and i want to go berry picking!!!! there is only one place i know of around here anymore, everything else is now condos, i can’t wait to get out of here *sigh*

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