From Jasper’s Perspective

Every summer my parents come up from Florida to visit for about 10 days.  I always have some sort of project for my dad.  It’s usually some sort of man-project that Ryan doesn’t want to attempt, or just something he hasn’t had time to complete.  My dad has installed french doors, built us a planter in the front yard, coordinated tree trimming, coordinated a bathroom plumbing overhaul and fixed spigots multiple times.  This year, his job was smaller but equally as important.  Ever since the introduction of Izzie the Dog into our lives, poor little Jasper the Cat has been tormented.  She couldn’t eat in peace, she couldn’t ‘do her business’ in peace.  Jasper’s litter box and food had been kept in the office.  But, once we got Izzie and put her crate in the office, the cat had to be banished to the guestroom.  Since the dog would often eat the cat’s food, the door to the guestroom was often shut, confining the cat to that room.  But, thanks to my dad, we’ve been able to move Jasper’s things to the laundry/boiler room (for you Southerners, the boiler room is the room where the boiler lives, which keeps the house warm in the winter.  And not the Florida winter, the real winter. And if you watched my all time favorite TV show My So-Called Life, you might remember the boiler room.  Nothing that exciting happens in my boiler room.)  And with the installation of Jasper’s very own cat door, Izzie cannot get out into the laundry/boiler room to eat Jasper’s food.  We bought several size doors – it was important to find one that was small enough that Izzie couldn’t fit through, but big enough that Jasper could fit through.  We still have the flap taped up for easy access, but so far, it’s been a successful transition.

And just look what Jasper has to look forward to seeing everyday after she ‘does her business.’

Whatcha Doin' In There?

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1 Response to From Jasper’s Perspective

  1. andrea says:

    my mom has a cat door going from her bedroom to the kitchen (so she can keep her room cool since there is no central air) and has finally gotten Chat to start using it but Kirby has always loved it! he can only get his nose through but he loves to smell whatever is going on on the other side, no matter what side he happens to be on! it is a funny sight, i’ll have to find a picture, i know we have a few, dogs are the funniest darn things…it’s great that your dad helps you out with so many projects!

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