Blogger-rific Week: Friday

Day 5 and final day of Blogger-rific Week, where I profile blogs of people I don’t personally know, but whose blogs and life stories bring me much joy and laughter.

Today’s Blog ‘O the Day:

The Whole Self

Picture 4


How I found this blog:

On Stefania‘s Bloglist.  The writer of this blog ALMOST doesn’t meet my criteria for profile, but technically, even though she is friends with a friend of mine, I don’t know her personally.

Subject matter:

A mama, a crafter, a massage therapist, a doula, a food lover, a baby carrier, a womb, a self-confessor, and a little bit of a dirty hippie at heart, she hearts mamas, doulas, massage therapists, touching yarn, talking about poop, photobooths, gardening, yarn, debriefing, kids running wild, bare feet, eating the toes of babes, breastfeeding, long braids and ponytails, pippi longstocking, going to bed ridiculously early, organic living, feeding the masses, and wearing fairy wings.

Why I love this blog:

Oh my goodness, if the description she wrote above isn’t enough, I just love this blog.  Her posts are usually short, simple and sweet updates of what’s going on in her household. She could easily bitch and moan about how hard life is with 3 kids, but that’s just not her style.  She always has some sort of fun new activity to keep the kids entertained.  Her creations are amazing.  Her spirit is uplifting and inspiring.  When I have multiple new posts to read in my Google Reader, I always save The Whole Self for last, because it makes me feel soothed, like a nice warm cup of tea.

Your Call to Action:

Leave me a comment and tell which blog you liked the best for the week (leave it on that actual post if you are fancy like that!).

Also, leave me a comment to recommend a blog that you read that you think I would like!

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2 Responses to Blogger-rific Week: Friday

  1. Camille says:

    I like mine best. : ) Just kidding.

    I like 101 Cookbooks, because I am a closet fan of foodie websites, and this is one more to add to my Google reader. But also, Katie from Marriage Confessions is simply awesome.

    Thanks for doing this and broadening my horizons!

  2. Rachel says:

    I stumbled on you in bloggerland. When I started blogging seriously this past fall, I spent hours wandering around reading blogs and have stopped as work became busy.

    But I decided that this week I wanted to spend some time wandering around and report on my blog what and who I found.

    Very interesting idea to feature other blogs, high five to you and Katie!

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