Blogger-rific Week: Wednesday

Day 3 of Blogger-rific Week, where I profile blogs of people I don’t personally know, but whose blogs and life stories bring me much joy and laughter.

Today’s Blog ‘O the Day:

Archives of Our Lives

Picture 4


How I found this blog:

I found this blog when Katie guest blogged over at Archives, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Subject matter:

Camille is a girl born and raised in Arizona married to Poor Kyle, living in Canada and archiving their lives on her blog.

Why I love this blog:

Like Katie, she’s just hilarious and honest.  She spells her words the Canadian way, eh, such as “realised” and”practise.”  She calls her husband not by his name, Kyle, but Poor Kyle.  She posts pictures of him without his teeth. Currently she’s conducting a No ‘Poo Experiement, wherein she no longer uses shampoo or conditioner, ever (in her words).  She always comes up with great, unique things to write about and always includes pictures.

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1 Response to Blogger-rific Week: Wednesday

  1. Camille says:

    AWE. SOME. I’m sorry I didn’t get to comment on this post sooner—you wouldn’t believe how crazy these Canadians get when they celebrate their national holidays. I was busy until WAY late, when I plopped my self into bed and never looked back.

    Anyway, thanks so much! I’m flattered, and honouerd, and all good things that go with being featured on a lovely blog. I like being featured. It’s awesome. Thanks! : )

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