A Silent Weekend

After a long week of being sick, I decided not to let a little cold get me down and I went to book club anyway. I wasn’t feeling too badly. I was feeling on the up-and-up. I had a lovely carpool with the equally lovely Stefania. We did lots of chatting and I am paying for it today. I have almost no voice, and what I do have is very strained. My throat still hurts and I am still sneezing and coughing. My head isn’t all that congested though. This cold is really living in my throat, which is weird, because I got tested and it was not strep. After an almost full day at work, I am really regretting not saving my voice more today. So, I am trying not to talk at all. My goodness that is hard. I am such a talker. It’s kind of good though, because it made me think twice at work today before I weighed in on every little thing people said. Why not just NOT talk? Think your comment to yourself, but don’t feel the need to chime in, or to try to be witty or funny. It was interesting.

Now I’m home, and it’s even harder. I am trying to use hand signals to communicate with Ryan, but now that he’s off studying I am alone and finding myself wanting to talk to the animals, or to call my mom. I guess I should take this opportunity to just relax and read. Ryan has a really big couple of weeks ahead of him, and I am really, really hoping he doesn’t get this horrible cold.

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1 Response to A Silent Weekend

  1. Stefania says:

    So sorry that you’re voiceless… I think I may be headed there myself. ugh.

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