Spring Has Sprung?

It doesn’t officially feel like spring yet even though the vernal equinox was on March 20th. There is still quite a chill in the air some days. Other days are nice, but those feel rare and few and far between. We have a large bush/shrub/plant in our backyard which is usually just green during summer and fall and looks incredibly bad in the winter when it has no leaves. But in the spring, watch out, the forsythia blooms and it is so beautiful. We’re seeing the beginnings of that finally.

We finally got all of our seeds planted for our garden in our new indoor 4 tiered greenhouse (thank you Price Chopper!).  We got the greenhouse this year because for the past two years Jasper has been eating all of our sprouts!  We call it her salad bar.  We’ve had these planted for a week, and she has shown no interest.  We’re even seeing sprouts of lettuce already.



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2 Responses to Spring Has Sprung?

  1. Awesome! I have that same plastic and metal greenhouse shelf dealie. I’m using mine outside to keep the broccoli in the sun until the garden is ready. I don’t have enough room inside for everything I’ve started.

  2. Stefania says:

    I was peeping the buds on the trees and SMILING.

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