Let me preface this story by saying, my dog is not a chewer, thank goodness. However, she is a gummer. If you leave your clothes, belt, paper towel, plush toy, etc on the ground, she will suck on it and gum it until it’s soaking wet. And I mean dripping wet. She was spending more time on the cat’s bed than her own when we first got her, so we bought her a blanket. She now gums that too. It’s her baby. She gets a corner of it between her little paws and just sucks on it. She carries it around the living room by that corner. It’s so gross. She has a plush toy in the shape of a bone, and we’ll often find her asleep with one side of it shoved into her mouth.

So, last night we decided we’d let Izzie sleep on her bed in our room, instead of the crate, since I am skipping work today. At about 4:30am or so, she is practically on the bed in my face wining and barking a little. Of course, I make Ryan get up and put her in her crate. Then, at about 7am, she’s barking and wining in her crate. She is also not a barker, at all. So I go in there, and she’s pooped in her crate (I realize now that it didn’t smell at all). I immediately let her out, and she runs out and squats all over the yard for at least 10 minutes. This is probably due to the many treats we fed her this weekend when her dog mom was here. But I digress. Back to the crate. I go to clean up the “mess” and I realize it’s actually a black sock in the shape of a poop. I have no idea which end of my dog this came out of, but it most definitely has been ingested. I can’t believe my dog actually eats socks now. In my mind, I am trying to remember what socks I am missing – I know there are some! I hope I would have noticed before now if my dog was eating socks. What a weird dog. We speculate she was sucking on the sock, and things just got out of control. Poor Izzie seems to be back in high spirits this morning. I feared we’d be spending our 1 year anniversary at the vet, but she’s eating and playing with her rope, so hopefully all is well.

Other than that, she/we had a great weekend with Libby, Izzie’s dog mom, visiting. We made sure to take lots of pictures.

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