We recently took blood tests, and were weighed and our height was measured, to determine our eligibility (and pricing) for life insurance. On Friday, our broker called us to say that Ryan had come in one pricing structure higher than she had quoted us, which almost doubled the price! The actual test results are in the mail, but she said that his cholesterol is high. I started reading, and started getting worried. Once the numbers come, we’re going to go see Dr. Brodie to discuss. And if he gets the number down, he can retake the blood test next year to qualify for a lower rate. So, today, I was off to Aldi to stock up on cheap fruits and veggies so I can take care of my husband and make sure we live a long and healthy life together, just like we promised we would!

(Ignore the beer!)

I had a fun “girls’ day” yesterday – saw He’s Just Not That Into You and had yummy sushi at Natori. I also got started reading my book club book. I just wish someone would clean the house for me – and I wouldn’t have to pay them. Only then would my weekends be truly perfect.
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2 Responses to BYE BYE BACON

  1. smiley9188 says:

    The fruit surrounded by walls of beer is absolutely hilarious! bye bye bacon but HELLOOOO beer!

  2. Stefania says:

    Seriously… I could not stop smiling at the beer.
    And that is a serious amount of fruit.

    Glad you had a good weekend lady.

    See you soon,

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