Well, technically it’s Christmas because it’s past midnight. Had a great day today. So nice to have a day off all day with my husband. We cleaned the house this morning. So nice to clean together, makes it go a lot faster, and it’s much more enjoyable when it feels like teamwork. Got the grocery shopping done for Christmas dinner. I made the dough for gingerbread cookies and rolled the heck out of some peanut butter balls. Baking and chocolate dipping will happen tomorrow, or today technically. Since I started my second job, I’ve been staying up a lot later. We enjoyed leftover pulled pork sandwiches and cheesecake today (from office potluck). We each opened our Haines Family Secret Santa present. Ryan got a Starbucks gift card and an awesome Gator sweatshirt from Uncle Roger and I got a great bag and a beautiful knit hat from our new cousin Kristen. It made me really wish we’d gotten Rick and Amy’s presents in the mail on time for Christmas.

I’m including a picture of our Christmas tree and of my new decorative wire Christmas card holder. It’s shaped like a Christmas tree and is a neat way to display cards. Of course, I got it on sale after the holiday last year at Pier One.

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  1. Stefania says:

    Merry Christmas.

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