I used to do a lot of question and answer bulletins on myspace when I had the time. Those were the days. Cory tagged me for this, so I had to do it, and I think this one is kind of nice. Couldn’t we all use a little time to sit back, relax and think about what makes us happy in our lives?

I think it is especially funny that a few of the things that make Cory most happy, scare the crap out of me.

Anyhow, the rules:

(1) List six things that make you happy
(2) Pass on to 6 more bloggers
(3) Link back to the person who linked you
(4) Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know.

Things that make me happy . . .

1.) The feeling of accomplishment, however it might come. Like the feeling you get after you’ve prepared a spectacular meal, or cleaned your house top to bottom, or when you’ve completed a project such as knitting a hat, painted a wall or finished a really good (or bad) book. Wow, I sound like an old 50’s housewife don’t I?

2.) Eating. Cooking. Baking. Sugar. I love to eat pretty much anything and love to cook when I have the time. You should have me over for dinner.

3.) Reading. I love to read. It feels like time I’ve stolen just for myself. And it introduced me to a great group of friends. I need to read more.

4.) Hiking. I really love being outdoors and especially love hiking now that we have Izzie to entertain us while we’re hiking.

5.) Things that remind me of home, whenever and wherever I consider home to be or have been. It could be rain on a metal roof to remind me of my parents’ house in Lantana or of the first place Ryan and I lived together in Gainesville. It could be thunder on a humid day that reminds me of my father and I shouting ka-boom at the thunder and lightening on our back porch when I was a scared little kid. Whatever it is, I just love the smells or sounds that trigger your memory to go back to a long ago thought or place. I love that.

6.) My mom and Dad, and Ryan. None of the other stuff would even matter if I didn’t have them.

And for you, my friends near and far, please tell me what makes you most happy in the world, and reading that will make me happy!

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6.) I have a lot to say . . .

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