We started off Halloween weekend by giving out candy Friday night. Not too eventful, but fun. The highlight was when this little girl, maybe 6 years old, possibly younger, said, “Are YOU voting for Barack Obama?” When I said yes, she yelled back to her mom, very enthusiastically, “MOM, SHE IS VOTING FOR BARACK OBAMA!!!” I’m not sure if the mom is telling the kid to ask everyone, or if she just noticed my Obama bumber sticker, and that I was watching him on the daily show while handing out candy. It was pretty amusing, and cute. I can’t believe Election Day is Tuesday. I can’t even fathom John McCain winning. Well, more like, I can’t even fathom Sarah Palin being Vice President. We’ll see how it goes, and see if I should start looking at houses in Victoria, BC. It’s so pretty there. Really, they have bunnies instead of squirrels. Or maybe that’s just on campus at UVIC.

Anyhow, we were lucky enough to have 5 visitors this weekend, and it wasn’t even a long weekend! Amy came from Boston, and Gretchen, Graham, Banjo and Happy came from Effingham, NH. We enjoyed some homemade crab gumbo on Friday night, and watched Return of the Living Dead. I was pretty proud of myself for watching it and not having any real nightmares.

On Saturday, we had a yummy big breakfast and went for a hike up Case Mountain in Manchester.

We watched the Gators whoop some UGA butt. We went over to Jenna, Brian, Luke and Max’s to see all the book club girls, and hubbies with a special guest appearance from former, but always honorary, Book Clubber Laura and her husband Steve. Amy, Gretchen and I were happy to present to Luke a hat that we collectively made for him. I knitted the body of it, Amy finished up the knitting and Gretchen constructed it into a hat, and made the tassel. We think it’s pretty darn cute.

I think Colleen especially liked it and has made a request for one for herself, but a little bigger . . .
Unfortunately, we got to Jenna’s late since the game ran over, and we couldn’t stay long because we had a 10 o’clock appointment at the Trail of Terror in Wallingford. I figured since everyone wanted to come for Halloween, it was my responsibility to do something halloween-y with them. Turns out I think they would have been ok to sit on the couch and drink hot chocolate and watch scary movies. After a kinda long, cold wait in line, I think we mostly enjoyed the Trail of Terror. It was dark, long and lots of people jumped out at you. There was one room where I am pretty sure something died (hence the smell). It was fun, but probably something I wouldn’t do again unless someone else really wanted to go. I hope everyone had fun! Amy took some pictures, which I’ll add later when she sends them.

On Sunday, we had cinnamon buns, took the doggies to the park and did some yarn shopping. Now that I know how to make hats, I should be able to keep busy!

This week will be good. Lots of evenings with the hubby again, which is great! Lots of reading to do to get caught up for book club this week. We’re reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Now, what post is complete without a few Izzie pictures . . . Did I mention I got her a new blanket? And she loves it!

We’re working on the perfect submission for UpSideDownDogs.com

And we’d like to welcome the newest members of the Haines Family, Cooper and Major. I can’t believe Ben and Kristen got two puppies! Now I am wondering if Izzie doesn’t need a friend? Jasper just isn’t cutting it.

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