A rare thing happened tonight. I was actually home and not doing anything at 6:30pm. I watched NBC Nightly News, which I feel like I haven’t done in about a year. I used to watch every night with my mom growing up, or at least it was on in the background. I miss Tom Brokaw. Although I do like Brian Williams. Anyhow, it made me feel good to watch it for some reason.

At work today we decided to eat lunch in Bushnell Park, which we usually try to do when the weather is nice. On the walk there (only a few blocks from the office), we saw a nice Ford Explorer with NC plates that had the driver’s side window completely smashed out and there was glass on the ground. I felt I needed to call the police, even though we hadn’t seen anything and the owner was nowhere around. The police said they’d come check it out. On the walk back to the office, we noticed that the car had a note from the officer on the windshield, and also a ticket. Part of the wheel was up on the low curb. I can’t believe the cop wrote a ticket to a poor guy who just had his window smashed and car robbed.

Izzie had a doggie day care interview today, to make sure her temperment was good. She’s been accepted – wahoo! My goodness, how will I be when I have real kids?

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