I had a busy, but wonderful weekend. Saturday I got a haircut at an actual salon. I got some long, subtle layers cut – hey it’s a start! Jenna is having her little baby boy any day now, so Colleen had a great idea that we should cook and freeze some dinners for her and Brian. I decided to make Vegetable, Bean & Tortellini Soup. I started with a recipe, but added some of my own ingredients as well. I also made spinach lasagna rolls. I kept one pan for Ryan and I to have for dinner tonight, and they were so yummy! Again, I had a recipe to start from, but added zucchini, carrots & red peppers.

On Sunday, I went over to Jen & Ryan’s for a trip to the Coventry Farmers’ Market. It was huge! There were tons of booths, and lots of goats on leashes. I took Izzie, which made it much harder to shop/browse, so all I got was a delicious loaf of fresh wheat bread. After the market, we went back to Jen & Ryan’s for a BBQ with their families. Izzie enjoyed romping around with Harley. Then, this afternoon I went over to Cathy’s house so we could get together all of the food for Jenna & Brian. Colleen also brought tons of Sage for everyone – my car smells so good right now! Cathy had a little incident that ended with a dish of Mac & Cheese spilled all over the inside of her oven. I must say, she handled it very well. I think I would not have been nearly as calm about it. I delivered all of the food to Jenna’s, got to see the new patio and tour the baby’s room! I can’t wait for him to arrive! I’m including a picture of the sage & the wheat bread from the farmers’ market, as well as a picture of Cathy’s dog – who is just adorable and looks like he’s straight out of a pottery barn ad! After delivering the food to Jenna, I got home in time to catch the tail end of a play date Izzie had with Sonny. He’s going to be staying with us for 8 days later this month.

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