Even though I had a 5 day weekend last weekend, that doesn’t count because I was sick! This weekend was great, and packed with lots of fun stuff. We celebrated Ryan’s 30th birthday with a good ol’ southern fish fry on Saturday. Thanks to Chris for fryin’ all the fish (and helping us prep the yard!), Amy for coming from Boston, and everyone else for helping us celebrate Ryan’s birth and for bringing beer (& other yummy goodies)! Ryan especially loved his ginormous beer glass from Lisa. We had a great time eating, drinking, playing with babies & dogs, playing horsehoes and relaxing by the fire.

We were lucky enough to have Amy visit from Boston for almost the entire weekend! On Sunday, we took her to Pastrami on Wry for breakfast, then to West Hartford Center & Blue Back Square, & enjoyed a late lunch at Tapas. (See pic of Ryan, pulling some statue’s finger).

On Memorial Day, Amy hit the road back to Boston and Ryan & I took Izzie to the Parade in Manchester. She was very well behaved until the parade started. She was nervous about the horses and REALLY didn’t like the marching bands. After we found a better spot about 20 feet back from the parade, she was much better and we stayed for the whole thing. On the drive home from the parade, I snapped a fun picture of Izzie with her head out of the window. After a nap, Chris and Elaine came over for burgers, dogs and more horseshoes. I got my garden all planted, minus the grape tomatoes (which I still have to buy) and the large tomatoes, which will go outside of the raised bed in an area that Ryan will clear for me.

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