I did end up staying home on Tuesday, and then AGAIN today! Gosh I love being sick and thinking about the fact that I am either not getting paid for these days, or I am using vacation days from next year. But I had a great, long, honeymoon – so I can’t complain. My plan is to go back to work tomorrow. I think I am going to buy most of the food for Ryan’s party, instead of preparing it myself like I planned. I’m thinking Black Eyed Sally’s – YUM!

Wish I would have thought about my old favorite show earlier in the day today. Several years ago I found the DVDs of the entire first and only season of My So-Called Life on Ebay and snatched them up for kindof an absurd amount of money. And of course, I haven’t watched them at all. But it allowed me to throw away the VHS tapes I made from when it re-aired on MTV after the network canceled it. I should have watched some of those today. Instead, I watched Rock of Love II Reunion Special. Anyhow, I was cyberstalking (ie reading the blogs from the links on blogs of people I actually know) and I came across this. Anyone who hasn’t watched the show will probably think it’s lame. But, if you loved the show like I did, it will bring back some memories. Enjoy.

Stolen from: Reprise, blog of a friend of my cousin Amy, via Emily Magazine, via fourfour
It’s pretty exciting that I know how to link things!

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