. . . This makes me happy. At the (almost) end of a long week, this makes me happy. I don’t know how it can feel like such a long day, such a long week, when time just flies. The days go by so fast, the weeks go by so fast, it’s the middle of the month and then it’s the beginning of another month. I feel like I should be stopping to smell the roses, but there’s just no time. I haven’t really been to the gym in probably over a month. Ryan’s been really busy working, and it’s recital season as well.

Anyhow, back to what makes me happy . . . we got Izzie the invisible fench from DogWatch of CT this week. They installed on Tuesday, and have been trainer her on it. She’s gotten “corrected” a few times, and I was “corrected” once, by accident and MUCH to my surprise. Apparently it’s worse for humans because we have sweat glads. Nonetheless (is that one word or hyphenated?), I never want to leave the yard again. Maybe I can use that as my excuse for missing work someday. She’s doing really well. Tonight she stayed in the yard as a very playful dog walked by with its owners. It’s been really nice to be able to take her outside with me when I am doing yard work, or just to let her wander around the backyard while I was eating dinner and reading on the porch. I am totally slacking on my book club book. It’s been one hell of a (less than a) week.

Edit: Wow, our yard really looks like crap in this picture. We have a lot of yard work to do!

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