I got into my first car accident on Sunday. It wasn’t too bad. Someone pulled out in front of me and I hit her. She had a stop sign and I didn’t. I still feel really guilty. I don’t know why.

Also, our hot water heater died on Sunday. We got a new one yesterday and now we are $1,000 poorer!

But you have to look at things with a positive attitude. At least no one was hurt in the accident. At least my car was not damaged too badly. At least the water heater just stopped working, instead of leaking.

I will feel much better once her insurance company assumes liability. They are still reveiwing the police report, which says in plain english that driver #2 (her) was at fault. I got a cute rental car too. It’s a PT Cruiser. I kinda wanna keep it! It only gets 15 miles per gallon though! But I’ll enjoy the new car while I have it, and then I’ll stick to my plan of buying myself a hybrid for my 30th birthday, assuming that I am not living out of a cardboard box.

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