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Booster Seat

I think M has been ready to get out of her high chair and in to a booster seat for some time now. I was being lazy about getting her one and as luck would have it someone offered us … Continue reading

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This girl loves her some monkey stuffed animals.  The one in the first picture was long a favorite of M’s. She would need to have him at nap and bedtimes, and he went everywhere with us. She liked to bite … Continue reading

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Just a few more photos from our trip to Canada. Notice her “smile” in the first two photos. Now when you ask her to smile, she sticks her bottom teeth out and squints her eyes. If you tell her to … Continue reading

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Potty Time

At her two year appointment the doctor said go for the potty training and don’t look back! No pullups. Just take a few days and do it. She said 50 years ago most kids were potty trained by two. I … Continue reading

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Nighttime Woes

I know everything comes and goes, but we’ve had some difficult evenings this week.  First M was scared of the neighbor’s motorcycle one night, then we had thunderstorms at bedtime another night. She’s been waking up more often during the … Continue reading

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Every night after bedtime, I just want to sit down.  But I’m not the type to sit and then get up and get things done.  I get things done and then sit. With two of us working on the chores, … Continue reading

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Yoga Toddler

My yoga baby is now a yoga toddler!  I got the scoop on a company that makes eco-friendly yoga mats for kids from a yogi friend of mine and ordered one for M.  We got it out a few days … Continue reading

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