Q: What’s Worse Than Not Knowing?

A: For me, not knowing FOR SURE.

I had my 26 week appointment this afternoon.  They told me last time that they could do an ultrasound on the down low so I wouldn’t get charged if I wanted to, and if the tech was still around. It’s a stretch for me to get there during her working hours and I was surprised to pass her in the hallway on my way in to my appointment. Was it meant to be? Should I ask to see her? I called R – my decision he says. So I ask, and in I go. The baby is in the same bad position as the last two times with his/her rump against the cervix. But he/she does a quick little turn and maybe, just maybe, there are some female parts. The ultrasound tech guesses 80% girl. To me, that’s almost worse than not knowing because now I think I’m having a girl, but it’s still somewhat unknown.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I should have known I couldn’t resist temptation. It’s not that I HAD TO KNOW, but it’s just that she was right there and why not?! All very comical to me.

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